This is a project to build a solid network for Triple-X females and their families is not a scientific study, it is an initiative of people who live life with Triple-X to provide an overview about what families all over the world experienced in symptoms and what they tried and found to deal with it and improve every day life for the Triple-X girls and women.

This network is to compile and provide first hand experience and inspiration by example of “Trixys” (how some Triple-X girls and women nickname themselves) in many different countries and from all walks of life.

We will list studies as far as we have found them, websites, groups in social media and real life, real stories of real “Trixys”, etc..


This is a self support group website. We are no doctors, lawyers, teachers, therapists or councelors. Any views and opinions represented on this website are personal and not scientific. The linked websites and contributions might represent other people’s opions and experiences.

These views and opinions are based primarily on our lives and experience we have with living with Triple-x-syndrome or dealing with it.